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Lawsuits and Prosecutions

You can judge the effectiveness of anyone involved with conservative politics by seeing just how far the liberal left is willing to go to get rid of them or force them out of politics. As you are about to see, the radical Democrats who control Oregon have gone to extraordinary lengths to force Bill Sizemore out of politics. Why? Because no one has hurt their cause more and cost them more money than Bill Sizemore has.

The Democrat machine in Oregon has tried to literally bribe Bill Sizemore out of politics with offers involving millions of dollars, sue him out of politics with lawsuits involving tens of millions of dollars, and even prosecute him and threaten him with years in prison.

If you’ve followed politics for long, you know that one thing radical Democrats across the country routinely do is militarize the courts and the Department of Justice to persecute and prosecute their political enemies. They abuse the power entrusted to them to further their extreme agenda and punish those who oppose them. It’s a nasty game. But they are perfectly willing to ruin people’s lives for political gains. And they get away with it because the liberal media consistently covers for them.

Nowhere have radical Democrats gone to greater lengths to accomplish these goals than with Bill Sizemore in Oregon.

For three years, one Portland judge presided over a lawsuit teachers unions had filed against one of Bill Sizemore’s organizations – never once disclosing that he had a huge conflict of interest. His own son was a member of and high level activist in the same union that was suing in his court. Only when his son was elected as a teachers union president did the judge, fearing exposure, finally recuse himself.

Another Portland judge stuck Sizemore with a $4.4 million personal judgment in a case where he was neither a party nor a defendant. No trial. No jury. No right to defend himself. Just a huge personal

judgment designed to give the teachers unions leverage against him. And as you will see, the unions milked that for all it was worth.

Portland judge gives unions Sizemore’s movie and grocery receipts

Still another Portland judge saddled Bill with a highly restrictive personal injunction aimed solely at stopping him from raising money for ballot measure campaigns. Again, no trial and no jury. For ten long years, Bill Sizemore was prohibited from raising money for politics. And to ensure that he didn’t, Bill was

required, every month, to send the teachers unions a photocopy of his bank and credit card statements and a copy of every receipt for every dollar he spent, even to purchase groceries or buy a hot dog or rent a movie. Bill Sizemore had to show the teachers unions, restaurant receipts, show them what he

bought at the grocery store, which movies he rented, and how much he spent on gas. The ordeal was

burdensome and absurd, but Portland judges and the teachers unions wanted to show Bill Sizemore what they were capable of doing to him, if he didn’t stay out of politics.

And they were not bluffing. Twice the court actually fined Bill personally to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars for raising money to put measures on the ballot, something he had a constitutional

right to do. Their entire scheme was designed for one purpose, to keep Bill Sizemore from putting measures on the ballot and costing the public employee unions money.

Unions and DOJ try to bribe Sizemore out of politics

As you read above, at one point Bill owed the unions $4.4 million. The unions wanted to leverage that. Even though it was illegal for them to do so, the teachers union lawyers offered, in the presence of a judge and the Department of Justice lawyers, to forget the $4.4 million judgment if Sizemore would simply sign an agreement stating that he would stay out of politics for 16 years. Keep in mind that it’s

actually illegal under Oregon law to offer anyone any consideration whatsoever for placing or not placing a measure on the ballot. The unions, the DOJ lawyers, and the judge were all breaking the law.

But when you own the courts and are the largest donors to judicial races in Oregon, the laws don’t apply to you. Bill rejected their offer, refusing to be bribed or blackmailed.

Oregon Supreme Court orders a Marion County judge to do the wrong thing

Another judge, this time an honest one in Marion County, tried to do the right thing. The public employee unions had run ads saying don’t vote for these measures because Bill Sizemore put them on

the ballot, and he has been “convicted of fraud, forgery, and racketeering.” The problem is, Bill Sizemore has never even been charged with fraud, forgery, or racketeering, let alone convicted.

Attempting to stop the lies, Sizemore sued.

The Marion County judge handling the case correctly ruled that the union statements were indeed legally false and thus actionable. He was fully prepared to let the lawsuit to go forward. The unions,

however, would have none of that. They went to their friends on the Oregon Supreme Court and the high court issued a rarely granted writ of mandamus ordering the Marion County judge to rule against Sizemore. The judge held an evidentiary hearing and concluded once again that the union statements were legally false. Immediately, the unions went back to the Oregon Supreme Court and obtained a second writ of mandamus. The judge gave up, realizing that he would not be allowed to judge fairly.

If anyone besides the public employee unions had made statements like these, they would have been held legally responsible. But when the public employee unions go to court in Oregon, they have but to ask, and they receive. Stopping Bill Sizemore was the highest priority of the Democrats and the public

employee unions, and they were willing to do anything to accomplish that.

The first time Bill Sizemore went to jail

The attorney general and the unions wanted to brand Sizemore as a criminal. They needed pictures and

footage and it was easy to find a Multnomah County judge to accommodate them. Still another

Portland judge sent Bill Sizemore to jail , just for one night, for “contempt of court” merely because he had not personally signed a tax return for an organization of which he was not an officer. The form

stated clearly that only an officer could sign the form. To avoid being led out of court in handcuffs, Bill offered to sign the document anyway, on the basis that the judge ordered him to, but the judge refused and sent Bill to jail, just so the media could get footage of Bill Sizemore in handcuffs.

The judge blatantly misused her authority, but in the end the teachers unions got what they wanted.

The cameras rolled as Bill Sizemore was led away in cuffs. The media loved every minute of it, running the video of  Sizemore in handcuffs over and over for days.

Bill spent one night in jail, but that was hardly the point. The left got what they needed to make other conservatives afraid to associate with Bill Sizemore and double afraid to challenge them.

Tax Evasion charges, well, sort of

It was time for the Democrats to show what they were really capable of and willing to do. One day, seemingly out of nowhere, the Oregon Department of Justice announced that Bill Sizemore and his wife had been indicted for felony tax evasion. The DOJ and the teachers unions, who operated as if they were

joined at the hip, had stated publicly in an earlier proceeding that Bill Sizemore had personally taken $850,000 from a nonprofit he was running. The claim was patently false, a fact later borne out when the senior auditor from the Oregon Department of Revenue performed an audit and found that the unions

and DOJ lawyers had misstated Sizemore’s income for the three-year period by about $500,000.

In the meanwhile, however, based on legal advice from several sources, Sizemore paid more than $50,000 in estimated taxes and awaited the outcome of the civil case before actually filing his tax returns. His attorneys told him that no one in Oregon had ever been prosecuted solely for filing their state tax returns late, so there should be no harm in waiting until the returns could be filed without

worrying about them being challenged by an over-zealous attorney general.

The attorney general at the time had been elected with large chunks of public employee union money.

He decided to use Bill’s wife Cindy as leverage against him. Cindy was understandably emotionally devastated by the news that she had been indicted for alleged crimes she knew nothing about. She wept

openly in court. The DOJ saw her pain as an opportunity to pounce.

The chief counsel for the Oregon Department of Justice and the prosecutor used their new found leverage in an attempt to get Bill to plead guilty. This time they told him that they knew that his wife was an innocent spouse. They stated plainly that they were not after Cindy; they were after him. They

told Bill that they were willing to drop the charges against Cindy if he would plead guilty to three felony

tax evasion charges.

But that wasn’t all. They added that if he did not plead guilty, they were going to charge his wife with additional crimes! Talk about a bunch of hoodlums!

This sounds like third world, banana republic kind of stuff. It’s a level of dark behavior that is hard to

believe is allowed in the good ole USA. But that’s the way Bill Sizemore has been treated in Oregon courts. His only crime was daring to stand up to the Democrats and their public employee unions


Bill Sizemore refuses prosecutor’s offer

With some difficulty, weighing what was best for his family long term, Bill declined the State’s abhorrent offer. They sputtered and threatened, but the state eventually removed Bill’s wife from the case and changed the charges against him from tax evasion to failure to file tax returns when due. After that the

case continued with Bill as the only defendant.

For several months, Bill and his attorney prepared for trial, confident that a jury would see the case for

what it was, a political witch hunt and an abuse of prosecutorial power. But there was another shock

still to come. The banana republic behavior was just getting started.

About a week before the trial was scheduled to begin, the judge ruled that Bill Sizemore would not be allowed to put on any defense. None whatsoever. He would not be allowed to explain why he could not

file his returns on time. He would not be allowed to tell the jury that he had paid more than $50,000 in estimated taxes and therefore could not have been attempting to evade anything.

Think about that. A defendant not allowed to put on any defense whatsoever!

The judge ruled (on the record) that if Bill Sizemore attempted to put on any kind of defense, he would be found in contempt of court and a mistrial declared. Left with no other option, Bill agreed to plead guilty to filing his tax returns late. As part of the plea deal, he was sentenced to 30 days in jail rather than the 15-years the State had threatened.

 The judge backtracks on her original judgment.

Three years later, the same judge, over the State’s objections, retroactively amended the judgment to misdemeanors, meaning that, as a matter of law, Bill Sizemore has never been a felon. Consequently, all of his rights were restored. Oddly, the title on the original case was tax evasion, but early on the charges were changed to failure to file. For some reason, the record still carries the tax evasion title, even

though the charges were changed. Bill’s opponents are still milking that.

So now, when you hear or read that Bill Sizemore was convicted of tax evasion, you know what really happened and why.

For too long, the political establishment in Oregon has been run by the radical left, by politicians and judges who routinely abuse their official authority to attack their political enemies. It is time for this to



Most people would have caved under this kind of relentless persecution, but Bill Sizemore has not. He has the scars to prove that he is willing to stand up to the radical left and do what is necessary to turn this state around, hopefully before it is too late.

Whether it’s the Antifa rioters, the public employee unions, soft on crime big city district attorneys, or those among the homeless who think they can trash our streets and neighborhoods with impunity, Bill Sizemore will do what is necessary to turn Oregon around. He has proven that he will never duck and run or do that which is politically expedient.

Bill Sizemore will be the governor Oregon desperately needs right now.

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