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Good News Is On The Way

I have great news for my fellow Oregonians, most of whom are pretty desperate for some truly good news about now. This November, for the first time in three decades, Oregon is going to elect a Republican governor. Not just any Republican, but a conservative one who has the courage and the backbone to do what is necessary to turn our beloved state around.

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The Political Environment

The Democrats are going to nominate another far-left candidate; most likely one who is just more of the same, a candidate many are calling “Kate Brown on steroids.” Given Kate Brown’s lack of popularity, that’s good news for Republicans. But to make matters far more interesting, another Democrat with lots of money has resigned from her state senate seat to run for governor - independent of any party affiliation. Former Senator Johnson has already raised millions of dollars, which guarantees she will be a factor in the race. 

I waited a while before throwing my hat into the ring. After carefully examining the full slate of Republican candidates, several of whom have excellent platforms, I determined that it was unlikely that any of them would be able to win the general election. Voters are going to be looking for someone with a proven record of fighting the tough battles, not backing down when the public employee unions come gunning for them, and someone not intimidated by the liberal media, which will relentlessly attack any

conservative with a chance of winning. There is no one more prepared for that than I am.

So here I am. I have been watching in dismay as Oregon has been steadily spiraling downward on a trajectory that will be difficult to reverse. The truth is, Portland is well on its way to becoming another Detroit or another Baltimore or Chicago.


Image by Ralph Leue

For a Better Future

Homeless people, some of who are victims of mental illness and other circumstances beyond their control and some of whom have chosen that lifestyle, have been allowed to totally trash large parts of our major cities. The drugs, the shootings, public defecation, and the wholesale littering will end. I have a three-part plan that will end the trashing of our cities and neighborhoods and do it expeditiously.
Leftist Democrats have proven that they are not capable of governing. Help for those who need it and want it, but tough love for those who don’t. Whatever option they choose, staying where they are will
not be one of them.


Key Policy

Weak-kneed liberal officials in Portland and Eugene let groups like Antifa riot and pillage and burn with impunity. As governor, I will not tolerate that. Period. And I will not let some soft on crime Multnomah County district attorney abuse his discretion and release violent offenders back onto the streets as fast as they are arrested. I will restore law and order and let the police know that they can do their jobs and I
have their backs.

Disposable Mask


Countless small Oregon businesses have suffered irreparable damage and many have gone out of business because of the gross incompetence of Governor Kate Brown and her ill-advised lockdowns and mandates. Those will be rescinded immediately and will not be reimposed under my administration. I believe free people should make their own medical decisions. Governor Brown’s abuse of her supposed emergency powers is an affront to the rights of every Oregonian.

Image by Sean D

Land Use Laws

I have been predicting this for a long time, but Oregon just lost a huge, multi-billion-dollar investment and thousands of high paying jobs because of our extremely restrictive land use laws. There was literally no site large enough in the tri-county area for a plant to be built, so the expansion went to Ohio instead.
I will do everything in my power as governor to fix Oregon’s outdated land use laws, which will allow for more economic growth, the creation of more jobs, and the availability of a lot more affordable housing.

Traffic Jam


Anyone who has lived in the Portland area for the past ten years has experienced the shocking growth of traffic congestion. From Gresham to Hillsboro and from Wilsonville all the way up to north Portland, you can find gridlock almost any time of the day. The political left has declared war on the automobile and would rather build antiquated railways and bus lines than add the lane capacity necessary to move
traffic along on our freeways.

Forest Fire

More Issues to Address

There are many more issues I would like to address here, things like poor forest management practices that have led to catastrophic forest and brush fires, and Portland legislators ignorantly passing laws that are heavily burdensome on ranchers and farmers east of the Cascades. But I will close for the moment by saying that I spent more than four decades living in the Portland area and know its challenges well, but I have also lived for more than a decade on the east side and southern parts of the state. I know first hand how “ignored and forgotten” folks in those parts of the state feel.

Image by NeONBRAND

Read More

I was the Republican nominee against John Kitzhaber 24 years ago. Times were good. John the Marlboro man was very popular and even though I had no expectation of winning back then, I ran against him simply because no one else would and I thought it would be fun to debate him. But times are differentnow. My wealth of experiences has brought me to such a time as this, fully prepared to do the tough things that have to be done. 
I have cut property taxes in Oregon by well over $10 billion. Average homeowners across the state have saved as much as $35,000 and more due to my tax measures. Democrats in Salem have proposed “fixes” to the property tax system, and as you might expect, their fixes would result in massive property tax increases for many homeowners. 
To address Oregon’s double taxation issue I forced the state legislature to increase the amount of federal income taxes you can deduct on your state return to more than $7,000.I have drafted and placed on the ballot a measure to require schools to keep the best teachers when there are lay-offs, not just those who have been there the longest; a measure to prohibit new or increased taxes without voter approval; a measure to protect private property rights; and several measures to stop the public employee unions from using public resources to coerce political funds from the paychecks of unwilling public employees.And I have the scars to prove I fought all of those fights, and many more. 
Whether I won or lost, those battles have built into me the will and strength of character the next governor of Oregon will need to turn our state around.I would be honored and humbled to receive your vote.
 Bill Sizemore


One More Thing

There will be those who are genuinely ignorant of what the Democrat machine did to me in the courts, and others who do know and by smearing me anyway are carrying water for them and the public employee unions, who are our real enemies and the ones calling the shots. Click the link below to go to the page that gives you the real story behind the lawsuits and political prosecutions I have endured – all designed to force me out of politics. You will be appalled.

Over the years, several attorneys at the state capitol, at the Department of Justice, and on the streets of Portland, usually liberals, have stopped me briefly and apologized for the things that have been done to me in the courts, saying things like, “I am a liberal and not a fan of yours, but I am embarrassed by the way the courts have treated you.”

If you are interested, click on the tab and you will learn precisely why they would say something like that.

Lawsuits & Prosecutions Page

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